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Five Tips for Designing with Tile

1. Design with color Color can change the mood of a room, highlight its good points and obscure its bad points Counters and walls can use tiles that complement or contrast in color to those used on the floor Tile can be cut into one-quarter size and alternate colors to create custom borders 2. Design […]

Installation Principles

This system consists of four integral components. The failure of any component means the failure of the entire installation. 1. Substrate What is the condition of the substrate that you’re going to set the tile on? Is it clean and ready for tile? Is it properly cured? How will cracks be prepared? Is it level? […]

Performance Ratings

PEI ratings PEI rates abrasive resistance of the tile’s glaze on a scale of 0-5. This test is only for glazed tiles and does not apply to unglazed porcelain tile or other unglazed types of tile. Deep abrasion test for through body porcelain tile. PEI ratings of glazed tile Class 0. Suitable for walls only Class 1. Recommended […]