Arizona natural stone floor tile can be an invaluable investment when taken care of properly.

Whether you have Flagstaff travertine tile, Arizona marble tile, or other natural flooring, we can help you make the most of your new home amenities so you can be sure to enjoy them for many years to come.

When caring for stone, be sure to take proper precautions. Be aware of scratching by using coasters and not using abrasive cleaners. Also, stone will absorb acidic substances and stain, so do not use products that contain lemon, vinegar, or other acids on your Arizona marble tile or limestone. Instead, clean natural stone surfaces with a neutral cleaner, stone soap (available at hardware stores or from your stone dealer), or a mild liquid dishwashing detergent and warm water. Rinse the surface thoroughly after washing with the soap solution and dry with a soft cloth. This will keep your Flagstaff travertine tile flooring and other stone surfaces clean and unblemished.

For vanity tops and food preparation areas, you will probably need to have a penetrating sealer applied to maintain cleanliness. In outdoor pool, patio, or hot tub areas, flush the stone surface with clear water and use a mild bleach solution to remove algae or moss. It’s that easy! Natural stone flooring is an investment that will give you many years of beautiful service. Just remember that our Flagstaff tile is a natural product, and simple care and maintenance will keep it looking beautiful. We are prepared to help you install and care for your Flagstaff travertine tile, Arizona marble tile, and any other floor tile products. When you need Arizona tile items or maintenance advice, you need to call Villagio Tile & Stone.