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When I first began in the tile business back in 1980, floor tile was 8″ x 8″. Ten years later when I built my first tile showroom, tile was mostly 12″x12″ with the bigger tiles at 13″ x 13″. In 2001, when I began Villagio, we made displays to fit 24″ x 24″, but the vast […]

Formaldehyde Floors?

Like many of you, we at Villagio Tile and Stone have been shocked by the news that the country’s largest retailer of laminate wood flooring is being investigated for selling laminates with unacceptable levels of formaldehyde (See the story here). However,  virtually all wood laminate flooring contains formaldehyde, no matter where it is purchased.  Basically, it’s not a […]

Some Things Look Better Naked

There are some really authentic looking wood planks, but you’ll be impressed with the au natural look of Naked Wood Porcelain Planks, exclusively from Villagio. It’s not enough to touch the face of Naked Wood, it’s only when you flip it around to it’s backside that you’ll be shocked to see it’s porcelain, not wood planking! Knots, natural woodgrain, […]

The Dirt on Cleaning Porcelain Tile

You bought porcelain tile for many reasons.  One reason is cleaning. Porcelain tile  has an impervious surface that is both easy to clean AND easy to keep clean. But that’s not been your experience. Your tile looked dull and lifeless right after it was initially installed. It not only shows footprints, it seems to actually […]