Four Things to Know About Limestone – #3 Price

Today in our series examining the four most important things about limestone, we look at IMPORTANT THING #3: PRICE.

Virtually all natural stones, from diamonds to gems to stone tiles, are available in multiple grades of quality. Typically, if a stone is rare and desirable, it is more valuable. 

Stone available in abundance with less desirable characteristic, is generally less expensive.  Keep in mind the same quarry (and quite often the same block) will produce multiple qualities of stone. A light limestone may cost $5 or $15 a square foot. The differences will be density, hardness, ease of extrusion from the quarry, cost of manufacture, overall consistency of the stone and the market demand.

In the end, whether it’s a diamond, precious stones or limestone, quality is directly reflected in the price.

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Stay tuned for our next post on limestone finishes and textures.