Elite Kitchen Tiles & Designs from Arizona’s Premier Tile Shop

Kitchen Tiles

Add a little more taste to your cooking space with kitchen tile designs from the heart of Phoenix. Villagio Tile & Stone offers a vast selection of tiles to design the walls and floors of your stylish Arizona kitchen. From ornate kitchen backsplash to natural kitchen floor tiling, you can find everything you need to redesign your home kitchen.

Each collection is carefully curated by our amazing team from the top suppliers in the tile industry. Offering nothing but the finest tiles in Phoenix & Scottsdale from Jeffrey Court, Dune, and more, you can’t go wrong with the title collection from Villagio Tile & Stone.

The Kitchen Tile Collection

Find more than your average kitchen tiles right here in Phoenix. The wide selection of kitchen tiles you’ll find at Villagio Tile & Stone offers handcrafted and natural stone that can be used throughout your entire cooking space. Create the perfect backsplash to highlight your counters or outstanding sand tile floors that will impress your guests with every visit.

Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Browse our decorative tile or ornate tile collections to find the perfect design for your kitchen backsplash. The unique designs and styles of kitchen tiles will help you create a backsplash that truly embodies your personality. Having a custom backsplash design that speaks to you on a personal level will give every meal that extra sprinkle of love you need to create a delicious, home-cooked meal.

Kitchen Tile Flooring

Don’t forget to add a little spice to your kitchen floors with fresh new tiles from our DimensionsXL collection! From our classic Spanish wood to our more modern Vision tiles, our wide range of large porcelain and slab tiles bring new and exciting life to your beautiful Arizona home. Aside from the gorgeous visual enhancement, adding our porcelain and natural stone kitchen floor tiling makes it easy to maintain your kitchen’s cleanliness.

Kitchen Tile Accents

Add even more flavor to your kitchen with an accent piece to help your kitchen island stand out or add personality to that boring wall that doesn’t quite fit your decor.

Our Simpson Desert Glass tiles are a great way to make a statement when guests wine down at your kitchen island. It’s also easy to clean and eliminates the difficulty of removing scuff marks from flat paint.

Find more accents from our Tile & Stone collection at our Scottsdale showroom to create your new statement piece.

Styling with Kitchen Tiles

Now that you’ve found a great selection of tiles for your Scottsdale home, you might need a little help styling. That’s where our amazing designers step in to collaborate with you. With a vast collection to choose from, it can be both exciting and daunting to choose between tiles. Our designers can work with you and your contractor on a design that truly speaks to your personal taste.

From simple beauty to sophisticated elegance, we help personalize a design that fits your unique style and complements your kitchen environment. Some of our specialties include the following.

Modern Kitchen Design

For the modern kitchen, we house a wide collection of glass tiles and metal tiles that bring a sleek, contemporary feel to your Arizona home. Our decorative mosaic tiles make a unique kitchen backsplash that will impress any guest.

Try out our Pilbara tiles to really enhance the culinary experience of your kitchen. The geometric kitchen tiles at Villagio Tile & Stone make a bold statement that will leave visitors speechless as they admire the modern touch of your culinary space.

Cozy Cottage Kitchen

Give your guests the full experience of a home-cooked meal with a cozy cottage kitchen design. This look can be achieved with tiles from our ceramic or porcelain wood plank collections. Our handcrafted tiles are also an excellent selection for your cozy cottage in Phoenix as they add an endearing, whimsical touch to your playful kitchen design.

To get started try out our Tribeca Red Brick kitchen tiles for a nice, cozy feel that everyone will love.

Eclectic Kitchen Design

Add an extra unique touch to your kitchen space with an eclectic design that speaks to all the parts of your personality! For this, we recommend a mixed medium of handcrafted and decorative tiles. Try out our Hexa tiles for your kitchen tile flooring mixed with one of our wood plank selections to give your kitchen floors an extra pop that everyone will notice.

Benefits of Kitchen Tiles

You can’t go wrong with the endless styles of both handcrafted and natural stone kitchen tiles. Aside from their beauty and customizable designs, kitchen tiles are easy to clean and maintain. They can also withstand the threat of spills or leaky plumbing, making them an ideal choice for kitchens. You’ll also avoid the frustration of scratches and scuff marks that typically happen in rooms with high foot traffic.

The bottom line? Using tile for your floors, backsplash, and statement pieces allows your kitchen to stay beautiful and pristine for years to come.

Villagio Tile & Stone

Find your new kitchen tiles from Villagio Tile & Stone today. From the vast collection of kitchen tiles from the top suppliers in the industry to the experienced designers that collaborate seamlessly with you and your contractors, Villagio Tile & Stone is the perfect shop to find your new kitchen tiles. Browse our online showroom or visit us in Scottsdale to shop the best kitchen tiles in Arizona.

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