Spiked Wood

One of the newest arrivals SPIKED WOOD.

Fresh off the ship direct from Spain and available exclusively at

SPIKED WOOD is a porcelain plank that is available in a 6″ x 35″ format
and is now in stock in California.

European style AND quality with a creative twist of weathered,
painted/stripped barnwood.

Villagio Tile and Stone Spiked Wood

Wholly, Holey Travertine

Ever wonder why travertine has all those holes, yet limestone is virtually hole-free?

Although both travertine and limestone share identical minerals, limestone is formed in a body of water, while travertine is formed by hot water and bubbling gasses coming up from beds of calcite. The calcite is deposited and the gasses escape during formation of travertine, leaving holes behind in the process.

If the stone doesn’t have holes, it’s not travertine.

HOWEVER, the SIZE of the fill holes, the COLOR MATCH of the fill in the holes and the quality of the FINISH on the face of the travertine are the primary factors in determining the VALUE of the travertine. Place an inexpensive travertine next to a more costly travertine.

These three factors (fill size, fill color, and finish) should determine whether one travertine has more value to you than the other. At the point where the more expensive travertine doesn’t have enough value to you personally, go with the less expensive stone. The cost of the stone must have visual and inherent characteristics to worth the price you are paying.

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Central Arizona Supply Showroom

Have you been to The Studio by Central Arizona Supply?

This beautiful showroom that showcases plumbing and fixtures is located in downtown Phoenix on 16st, just south of Camelback.

You will not only find amazing products with a very urban vibe, but there is also tile and stone provided by Villagio—the perfect complement to an awesome showroom.

Villagio Tile and Stone - Scottsdale, AZ Villagio Tile and Stone - Scottsdale, AZ Villagio Tile and Stone - Scottsdale, AZ Villagio Tile and Stone - Scottsdale, AZ Villagio Tile and Stone - Scottsdale, AZ Villagio Tile and Stone - Scottsdale, AZ Villagio Tile and Stone - Scottsdale, AZ Villagio Tile and Stone - Scottsdale, AZ Villagio Tile and Stone - Scottsdale, AZ

Stone Pocket Guide


Limestone deposits (calcite) that have been dissolved by groundwater. The characteristic holes in travertine are the result of the hot water and gasses escaping during the formation process. Ideal for floors, walls, and splashes. The value of this stone is determined by: 1) the size and number of fill holes (density), 2) rare qualities or limited availability,  3) color consistency from piece to piece, 4) factory honing, polishing and/or  filling processes. Colors are abundant in creams, chocolate brown, golden and red tones. There is an abundance of finishes (honed, brushed, tumbled, polished), edge treatments (squared, tumbled, chiseled, antiqued) and sizes (versailles pattern, rectangles, very large and very small formats). Travertine is not acid resistant.


The same geological makeup as travertine, however, onyx is formed in cool, cavernous conditions, similar to stalactites. Onyx is dense and will take a high polish. This multi-colored, translucent stone is most commonly available with a glossy finish. It is suitable for walls and extremely light duty (bathroom) floors and splashes. Onyx is not acid resistant.


A travertine or limestone that has had heat, pressure and fluid activity applied that results in a change in structure. This metamorphic transformation results in a denser stone with a myriad of colors that can be finished with a high gloss, honed or brushed.  A polished finish is ideal for vertical installations or for horizontal installations where abrasion, stain and acid resistance are not a concern. Marble is not acid resistant.


Stone that was formed by the cooling and crystallization of magma (molten rock).  This extremely dense stone has hundreds of color in primarily earthy tones. Granite can be finished a number of ways including polished, honed, leathered, and flamed.  Granite is acid, stain, and wear resistant. Many granites are also ideal for high traffic (commercial) floors and countertop installations.

Slate, Sandstone & Quartzite

Shale, under heat and pressure, can form into slate. Beach sand can be consolidated to form into sandstone. Sandstone, under heat and pressure, can form into quartzite. Granite is acid resistant. Many of these stones can be used indoors or outdoors in a variety of horizontal and vertical applications.

Gaggenau Shop in Shop

It isn’t often that we have the opportunity of supplying tile to a company that is older than our country, so it’s with great pleasure to announce that we are providing tile for the soon-to-be-open “Gaggenau Shop In Shop” inside the Allstate Appliances Scottsdale showroom.

Gaggenau Appliances, is a German manufacturer of appliances that was founded in 1683.

Fast forward to 2015, when Gaggenau selected floor tile from Villagio for their largest Shop in Shop in the Western Hemisphere, and their only Shop in Shop in Arizona.

Villagio provided Gaggenau with BASIS DARK GREY porcelain tile that has a current contemporary feel and complements the beautiful, innovative appliances manufactured by a company that has been around for more than 300 years.

Here is a sneak peak of the new Gaggenau Shop in Shop.

Look for a grand opening to be announced by Allstate Appliances later this year.

Villagio Tile and Stone Villagio Tile and Stone Villagio Tile and Stone Villagio Tile and Stone