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Spiked Wood

One of the newest arrivals SPIKED WOOD. Fresh off the ship direct from Spain and available exclusively at Villagio. SPIKED WOOD is a porcelain plank that is available in a 6″ x 35″ format and is now in stock in California. European style AND quality with a creative twist of weathered, painted/stripped barnwood.

Wholly, Holey Travertine

Ever wonder why travertine has all those holes, yet limestone is virtually hole-free? Although both travertine and limestone share identical minerals, limestone is formed in a body of water, while travertine is formed by hot water and bubbling gasses coming up from beds of calcite. The calcite is deposited and the gasses escape during formation […]

Central Arizona Supply Showroom

Have you been to The Studio by Central Arizona Supply? This beautiful showroom that showcases plumbing and fixtures is located in downtown Phoenix on 16st, just south of Camelback. You will not only find amazing products with a very urban vibe, but there is also tile and stone provided by Villagio—the perfect complement to an […]

Stone Pocket Guide

Travertine Limestone deposits (calcite) that have been dissolved by groundwater. The characteristic holes in travertine are the result of the hot water and gasses escaping during the formation process. Ideal for floors, walls, and splashes. The value of this stone is determined by: 1) the size and number of fill holes (density), 2) rare qualities […]

Old is new

When something old is completely new again… Here is the beauty of a painted geometric design on a well-worn, whitewashed barnwood plank flooring, or is it??? Introducing GEO-WOOD Blanco.  All the benefits of porcelain, with the incredible uniqueness of a vintage whitewashed  patterned wood floor. Available in two widths: 5 ½” and 8 ½”, both […]