Formaldehyde Floors?

Like many of you, we at Villagio Tile and Stone have been shocked by the news that the country’s largest retailer of laminate wood flooring is being investigated for selling laminates with unacceptable levels of formaldehyde (See the story here).

However,  virtually all wood laminate flooring contains formaldehyde, no matter where it is purchased.  Basically, it’s not a question of “if” formaldehyde is present in laminates, but “how much”. The glue and resin that is used to bond pressed wood together contains formaldehyde gas.

There are federal and state guidelines as to what levels of formaldehyde are considered “safe”. Now I’m not sure how much formaldehyde gas the Fed says I can safely have in my home, but any gas that increases the risk of chronic respiratory irritation, asthma and cancer, I would want at zero.

Enter porcelain wood planks.

One of the many attributes of porcelain tile is…they’re inert!

Tile is not glued together, and no formaldehyde or toxic substances are used in production.  Porcelain is fired to over 2,000 F, burning off most impurities.  Porcelains do not contain or release toxins.

So, in addition to being water-PROOF, stain-PROOF, and termite-PROOF, we are now aware that porcelain woods are formaldehyde-FREE, providing a safe, beautiful option to laminated woods.

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Maxiwood at Villagio Tile and Stone