Four Things to Know About Limestone – #4 Finishes & Textures

In our final entry in the four most important things to know about limestone, we look at IMPORTANT THING #4: FINISHES & TEXTURES.

Denser, stronger limestone are ideal for manufacturers to create one-of-a-kind 3D stones. Split-face (where a thicker tile is split in half, using the split face), striated (straight lines cut into the tile), chiseled finishes, 3d basket weave, trims and moldings—the list of possibilities is limited only by the fabricator’s abilities.

In summary, a stone may have the same name, but may not be the same quality. At Villagio, many of our limestones are rated light duty, medium duty and heavy duty for residential areas.

We don’t carry the most porous (consequently most problematic) limestones.

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