Mosaics options are virtually limitless.

Mixing and matching porcelain tile, stone, glass, metal and even shells, mosaics can give your installation the “pop” you are looking for. China is now the primary supplier of mosaics and, due to the low price points, many companies are showing only mosaics from China.

However, we have found that if we bring in the higher quality mosaics from Spain, Japan and even the good ole USA, Villagio is able to offer the widest variety of domestic stocked mosaics available. With literally thousands of mosaic tiles on display, we had to re-invent the wheel on how to make our selection easy to browse.

The exciting new is that VILLAGIO has re-imagined our displays. In May 2016, we unveiled our mosaic presentation that make shopping for our mosaics quick, easy and with an even greater selection than ever before.

Check out these photos, then come on in to preview our vast selection of mosaic tiles, including our exclusive DUNE collection from Spain.